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Sleepy Sensitive diapers and wet wipes

Sleepy Sensitive diapers

Premium quality diapers with enhanced SAP (Super Absorbent Polimer) and decreased preservative content in order they are able to absorb and keep more moisture within. They are built to grant confortable wear to the baby. All Sleepy Sensitive diapers are equipped with external moisture indicator. All ingredients are selected not to irritate the sensitive skin.

Sleepy Sensitive

Sleepy Sensitive wet wipes

The Sleepy Sensitve wet wipes care and clean the baby’s sensitive butt gently and perfectly. Their resealable lid preserve the quality and prevents the wipes from drying.

The wipes are free from harmful ingredients such as paraben, alcohol, coloring and fragrance. Hypoallergenic, biologically tested, usable on every type of skin.

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New Sleepy diapers

Every New Sleepy diaper consists of breathable, moisure distributing materials, and are equipped with ultradry topcoat. The flexible hip provides the baby with the feel of comfort. The fixing tapes of the diapers can be untied and stuck back several times. Their surface is soft on both the external and internal sides to provide the skin with gentleness.

New Sleepy

The gauffer around the hip and the thighs helps keeping within what is meant to stay there. The strong absorbing ability and the anti-leak rim guarantees hygiene and comfort.

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Yess Baby diapers

Yess Baby

Yess Baby diapers, popular for their reasonable pricing, come with flexible fixing tapes and thigh-wrap, which guarantee to keep the diaper in the right position.

With their gentle powder-scent they make the diaper-changing process a better experience.

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Air Laid diapers

Thanks to their textile coating and particularly dry-processed paper material (Air Laid Paper) the Air Laid diapers provide the baby with a comfortable, gentle and breathable wear.

The entire waist- and thigh-line is gauffered, their flexible fixing tapes can be untied and resealed several times.

Premium diapers packed in bale.
II. class product in economic, transparent packages.

Air Laid

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Panty- and swimming diapers

Bugy N’ Go products

Ideal for ever-moving children, especially in the phase of potty training. It fits all types of physics thanks to the fact it is gauffered all over the surface.

Diaper changing has never been so easy! The pants can be torn apart by the sewing on both sides. Varied patterns make this process more fun.

II. class, premium products packed in bale.

Bugy N

Ekopack swimming diaper


Safe in the water with Ekopack swimming diapers! Guffered waist- and hip-lines and water-resistant coating make it ideal even for baby-swimming programmes. The funny patterns and practical packing make it suitable for good holiday.

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