Our company

– is the Hungarian distributor for:

  • LORD Shave Products | LORD INTERNATIONAL SAE, Egypt
  • SLEEPY Diapers, Wet-wipes | ERUSLU Saglik AS, Turkey
  • B-Good First Aid Articles | HONNES AS, Turkey
  • CANSINBANT First Aid Articles | Cansin AS, Turkey
  • and further 800-1000 articles of FMCG products as occasional import buyers-sellers, FMCG distributors.

Our activities date back to 1995 when we entered the Hungarian market as importers of promotional articles and various products to satisfy our growing customer needs. Nowdays we are in the TOP 10 companies selling disposable razor and blade products in Hungary.

– has a strong online, offline retail presence:

By opening to customers in the retail segment, we have thousands of returning customers purchasing from our company directly. In 2015 we have launched our private courier tour service, serving our customers under our own infrastructure and making regular tours all over the country.

– has Sales Points with our Partners in:

  • Hungary, Romania, Poland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria and Belgium.

– besides the main trade activity- has built up a high flow information network and trained the specialized team to be one of the contributors to the Hungarian free market to deal with special ocassions such as:

  • Warehouse sell outs-liquidation of stock
  • Buyer-Seller or Agent of product lines
  • Goods sell outs


We are a company small enough to give our maximum attention to each of our partners and customers, in the same time, we are large enough to tackle the everyday challenges of the growing market requirements.

We do not distribute any FMCG products that we would not buy personally for ourselves. Full analyzis of pricing/quality is before everything.
We are highly dedicated to manufacturers whose biz policy reflects our views.
Reliability along with quality products at the lowest prices is our promise.

Company data

Address: H-1214 Budapest, Gubacsi út 30. Hungary

Phone: +36 20 953 3803
Fax: +36 1 476 0782

EU VAT-number: HU12369757
Company reg. No.: 01-09-671204 (by Capital Regional Court )