Band aids

Adhesive plaster tapes

Apply adhesive plasters in case of smaller injuries, cuts, wounds and bruizes. They come with high-quality glue tapes for endurance, while they are still easily removable without any trace.

They create a water-resistant surface after application, which helps the tape staying in place, even if they get wet.

B-Good band aids

Special, hypoallergenic, latex-free band aids in different versions

  • Aloe vera (the pad is impregnated with aloe vera),
  • Sensitive,
  • transparent,
  • mix (in various shapes for various wounds),
  • flexible,
  • cuttable,
  • with patterns (Hero, Kids, Princess).

B-Good sebtapaszok

Banduff and Cansinbant band aids

Particularly economical quick-bands in 10-piece, compact packaging.

Cansin Plast adhesive plasters and band aids

Cansin Plast band aids

The wound-pad of the Cansin and Cansibant products is breathable and provides full coverage for the wound itself. They also help healing.

The range lines up various products for various application

  • cuttable version in economic pack,
  • color and design (for children and foolish adults),
  • mix (various shapes for various wounds),
  • water-resistant,
  • transparent.

Cansin Plast sebtapaszok

Cansin Plast adhesive plasters

Apply for fixation of sprains with durable zinc-oxide glue. These plasters are suitable for fastening medical supplies and can be applied as sport-bands as well.

They are available in different sizes and different materials (textile, cotton, silk).