Razors and shaving

Wet shaving, razors and blades, shaving systems

Razors and blades for wet shaving

Like in every field of live, convention and tradition conquers in the field of shaving as well. We have a product range for those traditionalists, too! Choose a device for the perfect result.

Wet shaving systems with disposable blades and premium design for the most comfortable shaving.

Available in closed-comb safety version and in multiple colours, equipped with plastic or turned aluminium shaft.

Hagyományos borotvák

Choose high-quality blades to your wet razor. LORD blades, made of Super Chrome, Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel provide you with the experience of precise shaving and shaping. They are delivered in 5 or 10-piece cardboard or plastic packs.

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Shaving systems

The LORD shaving systems with disposable 1-2-3-blade heads remove the unwanted hair perfectly and without irritation.

Depending on the pack, they are available with one or more replacement heads. With their creaming strips, they are sutiable for sensitive skin. Thanks to the pleats, they follow the shape of the face more precisely and minimise the chance of injury.


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Disposable razors for men and women

When travelling, or being in the lack of our favourite shaving system, disposable razors can be the right choice.

Eldobható borotvák

The wide range of men’s and women’s disposable razors line up products with single and multiple blades, swivel and fixed heads — most of them are also equipped with a creaming strip for the irritation-free shaving.

Női eldobható borotvák


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